Best Torque Wrench for Engine Work (Complete Buying Guide 2022)

A torque wrench is an important tool in the automotive world. The best torque wrench for engine work is used to tighten the bolts of your car to prevent them from loosening up and allowing the engine to come loose.

The right wrench can save your money on repair costs, and it can also help you prevent future problems. That is why it is important to buy the right wrench.

There are many different types of wrenches, and it can be confusing to choose the right one. This article will help you choose the best torque wrench for engine work.

What Are Different Kinds of Torque Wrench?

The following are some various kinds of torque wrench:

Beam Torque Wrench:

A typical beam torque wrench relies solely on the wrench’s flex to measure the torque applied to the nut. This wrench has a long beam attached to the head. A scale near the handle shows how much torque you’re utilizing.

The beam style torque wrenches bends slightly when you twist the wrench, adjusting where it crosses the scale. The scale will then read the latest amount of torque you are now using.

This design is usually low-cost and requires little calibration or maintenance. It’s not the ideal solution for a newcomer who doesn’t know how much force to use. It’s ideal for experienced DIYers or professionals who don’t want to use the more common click-style torque wrench.

Deflecting Beam Torque Wrench:

It works similarly to a standard beam torque wrench, except that instead of bending to show force, a deflecting beam moves to measure power. This deflecting beam connects to the rear of the wrench head. A scale by the tool’s handle displays the current force being applied.

The deflecting beam torque wrench is more robust than the normal beam torque wrench, allowing you to use it for longer periods without replacing it.

Split Beam Torque Wrench

This type is quite similar to the deflecting beam style. It uses two beams. However, the second beam is only partially linked to the wrench head. The second beam, parallel to the first, solely measures the torque dial on the handle.

This torque wrench design allows you to specify the torque limit to avoid overtightening. When using a click-style torque wrench, a ‘click’ sound indicates you have attained the target torque level. However, not all split beam torque wrenches have this functionality.

Slip Torque Wrench:

The slip-style torque wrench is one of the least preferred models among automotive specialists. This wrench style lacks a scale or gauge, so you can’t check the current torque. It’s also difficult to locate a heavy-duty slip wrench that delivers the same torque as a standard click torque wrench.

The slip torque wrench is a piece of inexpensive and useful equipment for simple operations like bicycle repair. This type of wrench has a torque limiter that prevents overtightening by slipping the head teeth.

Click Torque Wrench

The most common form of torque wrench is the click-style. The handle may be adjusted to a precise torque level by twisting the base of the handle to the desired position. Like a beam torque wrench, it is inexpensive and accurate.

A click torque wrench is so named because it makes an audible click when it reaches its torque setting. Most click-style torque wrenches don’t prevent overtightening.

Digital Torque Wrench

Digital torque wrenches are normally the most costly, except for huge hydraulic ones. Accurate measurements may take with the help of a digital display on these wrenches.

You may be able to discover a digital torque wrench that allows you to preset several torque levels so that you may rapidly switch between common chores with the touch of a button.

To avoid overtightening a fastener, you may select a certain torque level, and the device will inform you when it reaches that level. You may need to reset the torque wrench to zero before storage to avoid calibration issues with this type of torque wrench.

Micrometer Torque Wrench:

The click torque wrench is further subdivided into micrometers. Unlike normal click torque wrenches, they include forward and reverse capabilities. With a quick-release trigger, you can set, adjust, and read the torque wrench without a problem.

Micrometer torque wrenches are more costly because of the additional functionality they have. On the other hand, the micrometer will provide more precise results and greater adaptability for your next job if you frequently use your torque wrench.

Top Best Impact Wrenches For Engine Work

EPAuto 3/8-inch Drive Click Torque Wrench. 

The best way to tighten your car’s wheels is with an EPAuto click torque wrench. You set the desired torque, tighten the wheel bolt by turning the wheel counter-clockwise, then tighten from the outside.

This electronic torque wrench can measure up to 80 lb.-ft of torque, and it can use for many applications, automotive and otherwise. It clicks once it reaches the preset amount of torque. 

This best click torque wrench offers versatility because it has a 3/8-inch drive size end. This means it will fit your sockets, although it also has an extension end; that’s not all.

If you’re installing many fixtures in one go, then it’s best to use a 2×8 adapter. This gives you two threads per screw, so you must use twice as many screws.

It has a storage case so you can put it in your bag. The torque adjuster is clearly labeled in both feet-pounds and Newton meters, and it has a knurled handle so you won’t slip even if your hands are greasy or dirty.

Do a lot better than the standard torque wrench that comes with your machine, and for less than the cost of one of these, you can get an impressive 4.5-star rated torque wrench.

Final Verdict

Are you need a torque wrench that can handle the toughest jobs? Look no further than EPAuto! This bestselling torque wrench is made from hard-hitting chrome vanadium steel alloy, which helps it last longer.

The knurled handle provides a sure grip, while the easy-to-read dual-range scale ensures accuracy. And if you’re ever in trouble, the durable ratchet head comes to your rescue with its satin finish and corrosion-retardant properties. So what are you waiting for? Grab one today!

Lexivon 1/2-Inch Drive Clicks Torque Wrench

The next torque wrench from the list is more expensive than the EPAuto model, but it offers much versatility as the one listed above.

If you’re looking for a quality torque wrench for your workshop, you’ll find this Lexicon click-type torque wrench to be just what you need. It features a 1/2-inch drive end and a knurled handle for a nonslip ergonomic grip, and it has marked numbers, so you know exactly which one to use.

You’ll be able to handle up to a whopping 250 lb.-ft of torque, giving you a big torque setting range to work with, making it ideal for heavy-duty work from engine and front-end service to tightening lug nuts on commercial trucks.

If your wrench needs some versatility, the new 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2-inch drive torque wrenches from Lexicon are super versatile and affordable. It’s a no-brainer if you want a lot of torque in a compact package.

But the icing on the cake is that after nearly 2,000 customer reviews, this product has a 4.7-star rating!

  • It comes with a 1/2-inch drive end
  • Sturdy, durable
  • Affordable
  • Click torque wrench
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

Keep your vehicles running like new with the help of LEXIVON’s Click Torque Wrench. With its precise and durable construction, this wrench is perfect for use on both automobile and motorcycle engines.

This wrench is built to last with a ratchet gear head constructed from hardened Chrome Vanadium alloy steel. And to ensure accuracy, our wrench comes pre-calibrated to +/- 4% accuracy. So you can get the job done right the first time and without any headaches along the way. Don’t wait – order your LEXICON Click Torque Wrench today!

GEARWRENCH 1/2 ” Electronic Torque Wrench

When it comes to working on automobiles, a torque wrench is an absolute must. You’ll be able to acquire the best torque wrenches at a reasonable price regardless of whether you prefer a digital or analog model.

You’ll need a torque wrench that costs a little more money to get the best. This is the only good product I’ve found at a reasonable price. An American company made it, so it should be the most reliable product.

Digital torque wrenches are a convenient way to measure torque. This wrench’s operating torque range is between 20 to 250 lb.-ft. It should be accurate to about 3% for the jobs requiring precise torque.

They’re easier to use than an analog torque wrench and arguably more accurate than a dial-indicator-style torque wrench. They usually cost more, though you can find these tools for less than $20.

The Torque Wrench provides a solid tightening feeling rather than noise or vibration, unlike a standard click, ratchet-style, or other traditional torque wrenches.

You can easily set the desired torque by pushing in and turning a series of buttons, so there’s no excuse for applying too much torque.

With its extra flexibility, it can set in lb.-ft., Nm, kgf-m and kg-cm. Keeping this precision instrument safe and secure comes with a carrying case. This Gearwrench torque wrench is rated at 4.6 stars, which doesn’t hurt.

  • 72-Tooth ratchet mechanism
  • Three functions mode.
  • Five torque measurement units.
  • Ten torque settings
  • No

Final Verdict

You don’t need a huge, hefty wrench for this operation. It’s now possible to operate swiftly and simply with a lightweight and robust tool thanks to GEARWRENCH’s 1/2″ electronic torque wrench.”

The target torque alert system ensures that you always stay within the safe range, while the 72-tooth ratchet mechanism allows you to turn fasteners in tight spaces with ease.

The oil and solvent-resistant handle and housing protect it from damage during use. So don’t wait any longer; order your GEARWRENCH 1/2″ electronic torque wrench today!

CDI 1/2-Inch Drive Adjustable Micrometer Torque Wrench

CDI Industrial Brands is a leader in industrial aftermarket products. They stand behind every product with a limited lifetime warranty.

This torque wrench is no exception, as it is made with precision quality to help with all your maintenance needs.

This product features a fixed 1/2″ head and a 250 ft-lbs torque capacity for special power in all your projects, no matter the application.

It features a precision-machined anvil, in which different scriber points can add as per requirement.

This torque wrench is manufactured using quality materials and with a very high level of precision, it will deliver desired torque setting, helping you maintain your vehicle in the best conditions possible.

This precision instruments torque wrench provides quick and accurate measurement without fail. It is suitable for use with a 0.0mm to 12.5mm tubing diameter.

This is a hand tool with a magnetic base and hardened steel scriber point. It comes with a depth gauge to help with making precise depth measurements.

This torque wrench can fit into tight, hard-to-reach spaces that normal wrenches and accessories can’t, so you can get the job done without damaging any surrounding components.

If you need to make power adjustments on your machine or use a torque wrench for your maintenance needs, this product is the best choice.

  • Quick and accurate measurement
  • Easy to use.
  • Positive lock with spring-loaded pull-down lock ring
  • The wrench at its lowest setting is TOO LONG TO FIT THE CASE.

Final Verdict

Are you in need of a torque wrench that’s accurate and fast? Look no further than the Industrial Brand CDI Torque 2503MFRPH 1/2-Inch Drive Adjustable Micrometer Torque Wrench.

This wrench is easy to use and has a dual scale calibrated in both directions. It also features a positive lock with a spring-loaded pull-down lock ring which provides good socket retention. It also has quick-release buttons, which make it easy to remove sockets. Shop now and get your wrench today!

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ACDelco Digital Torque Wrench

This digital torque screwdriver is a handy, durable tool for any workshop that replaces many others. It provides accurate results, and the LCD makes it easy to read.

The torque wrench from Caliber is easy to use, has convenient modes, and has various options. This multipurpose ½” Drive Torque Wrench is ideal for various applications.

It is fitted with a magnetic bit holder and a 2/1 locking mechanism. It is made from carbon steel, and its handle is made from high-strength composite material for improved durability.

The desired torque value it can handle is 738 ft-lb. It features a scale that ranges from 0.1 ft-lb to a maximum of 738 ft-lb. This ½” Drive Torque Wrench features a dual scale that provides a high level of accuracy. Its scale measures from 1.1 ft-lb to 150 ft-lb and from 150 ft-lb to 800 ft-lb.

It has a ¼” quick release for easy adjustment. It has a V-notch drive that gives you a ¼” quick release for easy adjustment. This ½” Drive Torque Wrench is equipped with an LED light whenever the tool is powered.

It comes with an automatic calibration feature that allows you to restore it to its original factory specifications. You can set the torque wrench to one of the three positions of 45°, 90°, and 180°.

  • Ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • It is made from carbon steel, and its handle is made from high-strength composite material for improved durability.
  • The maximum torque it can handle is 738 ft-lb.
  • It features a dual scale that provides a high level of accuracy.
  • Its scale measures from 1.1 ft-lb to 150 ft-lb and from 150 ft-lb to 800 ft-lb.
  • Low torque settings

Final Verdict

Keep your car or truck running like new and in perfect condition with the help of ACDelco’s Digital Torque Wrench. It offers a precise fit for any application in various drive sizes.

Powered by professional-grade materials, the wrench has a wide range of torque that ensures tough repairs are easily handled. Furthermore, its high accuracy ensures that every effort is precise while keeping your car or truck running smoothly. So, what are you waiting for? Order your Digital Torque Wrench today!

GEARWRENCH 3/8″ Flex Head Electronic Torque Wrench

Gear Wrench’s experience providing quality products, superior service, and innovative thinking has made us a leading supplier to professional technicians and the automotive aftermarket. 

The GEARWRENCH collection of torque wrenches and torque tools is designed to fulfill the specialized demands of the Automotive service professional.

You may get wrenches ranging from 1/4″ to 3/4″ with a fixed head. Flex head wrenches come in 3/8″ and 1/2″ drives. The tire shop wrenches include a rubber tire tread cover on the head for testing wheel lug nuts and come in 3/8″ and 1/2″ drives.

The electronic torque wrenches are offered in 3/8″ and 1/2″ drives to provide exact fastener torque levels. The GEARWRENCH line of torque products allows the user to complete any job where accurate torque is required.

The 72-tooth ratchet head of this digital torque wrench with a 0.5% accuracy is designed to be accurate in a clockwise direction, plus or minus two percent, and in a counter-clockwise direction, plus or minus three percent, from 20% to 100% of full scale.

The wrench has five torque measurement units: Nm, ft-lb, in-lb, kgf-m, and of-cm. The ratchet head has a ratcheting angle of 15 degrees. A 9V battery powers the wrench.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • No-slip ratchet
  • Accurate in both directions
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

With GEARWRENCH 3/8″ Flex Head Electronic Torque Wrench, you’ll never have to worry about over-torqueing your fasteners again. The 72-Tooth ratchet mechanism with a 5° swing arc allows you to turn fasteners in tight spaces while the vibrating handle, buzzer, and solid LED light to indicate when the target is reached.

The handle and housing are oil and solvent-resistant, protect your tool from damage and make it easy to use even in tough conditions. Order yours now and get your DIY project done efficiently!

Summit Tools Adjustable Digital Torque Wrench

The Summit WEA Series Adjustable Digital Torque Wrench is an advanced wrench that expands torque applications where a traditional socket wrench cannot work.

While a socket wrench can use on a particular size nut, the Summit WEA Series Adjustable Digital Torque Wrench can use on a much wider nut size.

This wrench features forged steel jaws and a unique power sensor that accurately detects and analyzes the current load applied to the handle, regardless of hand position.

This can be a big advantage when working at awkward angles in tight spaces where the wrench could easily slip from the user’s grasp.

This digital torque wrench comes with a spanner head from 5 to 26 mm (0.2 inches) and an integrated notch on the head to ensure a tight connection to the flare nut.

It has a torque range of 0 – 50 N·m and can give you a visual display with a maximum torque range from 20-100 N·m. It has a bright, lighted LCD that allows you to see your readings and an audible alert that signals when you are reaching your peak torque.

The 4-unit digital torque wrench also features an auto-sleep mode, which turns off after 5 minutes of idle time. It also has a water contact indicator that lets you know if the wrench has been exposed to moisture.

  • Forged steel jaws
  • Adjustable spanner head
  • Integrated notch
  • Accurate torque readings
  • Sensitive buttons
  • Hard to contact the company

Final Verdict

Are you searching for a versatile torque wrench that can perform various tasks? Look no further than Summit Tools’ aptly named adjustable digital torque wrench! This impact wrench has a range of capabilities that will meet your needs, from adjusting the spanner head to holding onto nuts and bolts with ease.

With its Advanced Technology and easy-to-read LCD, you’ll be able to do your job with precision and ease. Don’t wait any longer; order your Summit Tools adjustable digital torque wrench today!

Best Torque Wrench For Engine Work – Complete Buying Guide

When it comes to selecting the greatest torque wrench, there are many things to consider. Find out what a torque wrench should have.


When it comes to utilizing a torque wrench, precision is critical. Incorrect usage of a torque wrench can lead to major problems, such as the parts breaking or detaching if the tool is not exact.

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Most torque wrenches have accuracy ratings between ±5 and ±8 percent, which should be adequate for most applications. You can look for a higher accuracy range in the case of high torque levels or more precise measurements at low torque settings.

Drive Size

Torque wrenches have standard sizes for their drive. The 1/4-inch drive is the most common, while you can use the others for some applications.

Motorcycles, mopeds, and lawnmowers use the 3/8-inch drive, and automotive repair often requires a 1/4-inch drive. Some uses include tightening small automotive fasteners, such as bolts and helping to tighten engine spark plugs.

A screwdriver with a longer handle, like the 1/2-inch drive, is best for working with a socket wrench for adjusting suspension fasteners or installing lug nuts. The 1/2-inch drive is the most common drive size.

A 1-inch drive is a good option when working with heavy, bulky vehicles, like large trucks and tractors. A 3/4-inch drive will work with any type of truck.


A torque wrench with a range below 100-foot pounds is considered inadequate for many automotive and mechanical torque wrench applications.

When installing a wheel, make sure the lug nut is snug. A lug wrench should reach between 150 and 1,000 foot-pounds of torque to tighten lug nuts.

Scale Readability

A torque wrench with a scale that is easy to read is important. A scale that is too small or too large can make it difficult to see the reading.

Using a torque wrench with a 1/2-inch scale is important if you are tightening lug nuts. A 3/4-inch scale is good for most other applications.


Torque wrenches can have either a ratcheting or non-ratcheting option. Ratcheting is important when tightening lug nuts, which can be tedious.

Ratcheting is good for various applications, such as tightening bolts or nuts, tightening lug nuts, or tightening lug nut studs.

Some ratcheting torque wrenches can reach up to 1,000 foot-pounds of torque. A non-ratcheting torque wrench is good for a variety of applications.


The material of the wrench is important for durability and longevity. A torque wrench made of aluminum or steel is good for many applications. Aluminum is good for light-duty, while steel is good for heavy-duty.

A torque wrench made of plastic is good for various applications, but it is not recommended for heavy-duty work.


A cordless torque wrench is convenient and easy to use. Cordless torque wrenches are good for light-duty work, such as tightening lug nuts or adjusting brakes. Furthermore, a cordless torque wrench is easier to store than a corded version.


The right torque wrench is an investment, so it is important to look for one that has a reasonable price. You should also look for a warranty to protect you if the torque wrench malfunctions.


The size of the torque wrench is important. A torque wrench that is too small is not convenient, while a torque wrench that is too large is not practical.

The size of the torque wrench is measured in inches. A 1/2-inch scale is good for most applications. A 3/4-inch scale is good for most other applications.


The warranty on a torque wrench is important to consider. A warranty will protect you in the case of a malfunction.

The warranty on a torque wrench should cover you for the life of the wrench. A warranty covering a short period, like 90 days, is not good enough.

You should also consider the warranty that is on the tool. The warranty on the tool is a good indicator of how long the tool is expected to last.


The storage of a torque wrench is important. A torque wrench that is too large to store is inconvenient, while a torque wrench that is too small is not practical.


A torque wrench that comes with accessories is convenient and easy to use. Accessories include a socket, a socket wrench, a ratcheting wrench, and a ratcheting wrench.

Accessories are good for various applications, such as tightening lug nuts, tightening lug nut studs, or tightening bolts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Torque Wrench Important?

With a torque wrench, you can measure how much force is exerted on a threaded joint. By determining the correct amount of torque being applied, you can ensure that the parts of your car are being tightened together securely. This can prevent unwanted movement and vibration of parts, leading to premature failure and excessive repair bills.

What is a Torque Wrench Used For?

To tighten and measure nuts and screws, a torque wrench is employed. Preventing damage to your vehicle’s nuts and bolts is made easier thanks to this tool. In addition, you won’t end up hurting the fastener by mistake. The scale ranges from 0 to 60 feet per pound.

How Do You Use a Torque Wrench?

A torque wrench is a handy tool to tighten or loosen screws, bolts, nuts, or other fasteners. It is most useful when tightening or loosening items with threads and works by measuring the amount of torque applied to the item.

Most torque wrenches have different settings like a standard, metric, inch, and imperial measurements to help you better understand the right torque value for your job.

How Do You Calibrate a Torque Wrench?

Calibration of a torque wrench involves setting it to read zero in all three rotational directions. This allows you to measure any value you desire for both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation, which is required to measure the maximum torque in your measurement range.

What is Foot-Pounds Of Torque?

Foot-pounds of torque (Ft-lbs) measure the force required to turn the wheels on your vehicle. It is equivalent to horsepower. When talking about car engines, foot pounds are a way to compare the torque output between engines.

Can You Use a Foot-Pound Torque Wrench For Inch-Pounds?

No, you cannot use a foot-pound torque wrench for inch-pounds. Foot-pound torque wrenches measure only the applied torque, while the inch-pound torque scale measures the torque multiplied by the distance moved by a given force.

As a result, foot-pound torque wrenches are useless for measuring inch-pound torque, so you should find an inch-pound torque wrench instead.


A torque wrench is one of the most important tools in a mechanic’s toolbox, saving time and money and helping you do the job faster. Most of the time, mechanics use the same old method to loosen or tighten nuts.

However, different manufacturers make different kinds of torque wrenches, so it’s important to know what type of wrench will help you the most when working on your vehicle. 

Choose one based on the size of the nut or bolt you’re working with. Most torque wrenches are either adjustable or non-adjustable, so check the specs to determine which one works best for you. You should also read reviews online or consult other mechanics about which type of torque wrench is best for their needs. 

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