Best Corded Impact Wrench for Changing Tires

Top 5 Best Corded Impact Wrench for Changing Tires

Mechanics often use an impact wrench when replacing a flat tire or performing other tasks. Some corded impact wrenches are powered by compressed air or hydraulic oil, while electric motors power others.

The best corded impact wrench for changing tires depends on many factors, like the amount of torque required, the type of work you will be doing, the amount of time you need to complete the task, and your budget.

When changing a tire, there are a lot of alternatives to consider, and it can sometimes be obvious which equipment would be most effective for you.

We’ve researched to help you pick the best-corded impact wrench for your vehicle, so you can get back to changing your tires in no time!


Let’s dive in;

Types of Corded Impact Wrenches

Corded impact wrenches come in many different styles, and it sometimes needs to be clarified which style is right for you. The following are the types of corded impact wrenches and how they are used.

  • Air Impact Wrench
  • Hydraulic Impact Wrench
  • Electric Impact Wrench

Air impact wrenches are ideal for a variety of work. This tool has a powerful motor that turns a massive gear to create the force necessary to make a quick and easy change. Air impact wrenches are used for light to medium-duty work. Hydraulic impact wrenches use for medium to heavy-duty work.

These tools have a small but powerful motor that turns a large gear to make a quick and easy change. Hydraulic impact wrenches are great for light to medium work. Electric impact wrenches use for heavy to extra-heavy-duty work.

This tool uses an electric motor to drive smaller, more powerful gear than the other two impact wrenches. Electric impact wrenches use for light to medium-duty work.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites – Reviews 2023


PORTER-CABLE PCE211 Impact WrenchTop Pick

  • 450 Feet-Pounds Of Torque
  • 2,200 Rpm
  • 2,700 Bpm
  • Heavy Duty Motor
Check Price

CRAFTSMAN CMEF901 Impact WrenchBest Value

  • 450 Feet-Pounds Of Torque
  • 2,200 Rpm
  • 2,700 Lpm
  • Solid Motor
Check Price

DEWALT DW 292 Corded Impact WrenchGreat Choice

  • 345 Feet-Pounds Of Torque
  • 2,100 Rpm
  • 2,700 Lpm
  • Powerful Motor
Check Price
Hammerhead HDIW075 Impact Wrench9.2

Hammerhead HDIW075 Impact WrenchBest Overall

  • 240 Feet-Pounds Of Torque
  • 2,200 Rpm
  • 2,700 Bpm
  • Powerful Motor
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Milwaukee 9072-20 1/2-Inch Impact WrenchBest Seller

  • 300 Feet-Pounds Of Torque
  • 1,800 Rpm
  • 2,600 Bpm
  • Solid Motor
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1. PORTER – CABLE PCE211 Impact Wrench

Top Pick
PORTER-CABLE PCE211 Impact Wrench


  • 1/2-Inch Electric Impact Wrench
  • 1/2-Inch Hog Ring Anvil
  • ‎7.5 Pounds Weight
  • ‎3 Years Limited Warranty

Get the job done faster with Porter-Cable 1/2-inch impact wrench. This is the best corded electric impact wrench with a 7.5 Amp motor for heavy-duty applications. It provides 450 ft-lbs nut busting torque that is sufficient to install and remove heavy bolts and fasteners.

The 2,200 RPM and 2,700 BPM provides fast application speeds. The ½ inch hog ring anvil makes quick socket changes and features a vibration-free design and a power zone LED work light so you can work longer and more efficiently. The Quality features include also:

  • A vibration-free.
  • Side-handle design.
  • A power zone LED work light.
  • A one-piece high-efficiency rotor and cone.
  • A superior-performing auto-loading belt hook.
  • A contoured handle that reduces operator fatigue.
  • This Impact Wrench also includes a ¼” hex quick-change chuck for convenient bit changing and a belt hook for quick transport and storage. The wrench accepts standard sockets from 1/4″ to 1/2″ and has an automatic lock-off for quick, one-handed operation and also comes with a three-year limited warranty.


  • Lightweight
  •  Easy to use.
  • Comes with three years limited warranty.
  • Excellent battery life.


  • Heavy.

Final Verdict

The Porter-Cable PCE211 Impact Wrench is a must-have for any toolbox. It is great for tackling overhead jobs such as working beneath cars or loosening rusted nuts and bolts. It features a 7.5-amp motor and 450 in. lbs. of maximum torque to remove the most stubborn, rusted, seized parts. It even has a belt hook to allow hands-free operation in those hard-to-reach places. The knob-style speed control with an LED light lets you run the tool at the exact speed you want for the job. This Porter-Cable Impact Wrench comes with a lifetime warranty.

2. CRAFTSMAN CMEF901 Impact Wrench

Best Value
CRAFTSMAN CMEF901 Impact Wrench


  • 1/2-Inch Electric Impact Wrench
  • 1/2-Inch Hog Ring Anvil
  • 8.5 Pounds Weight
  • Easy Socket Changes

Craftsman impact wrench model CMEF901 features a powerful 7.5-amp motor to remove fasteners easily. The 1/2-inch hog ring anvil helps to secure sockets during use, while the quick-change socket feature is perfect for use on the go.

The added control of the variable speed trigger enables you to work comfortably, and the max 450 ft-lbs. Torque and 2,700 IPM deliver more power than your average corded wrench. This 7.5 Amp 1/2-inch cordless impact wrench pulls out rusty bolts and easily tightens new ones.

It is simple to use and designed to be lightweight, too, so you can use the wrench for extended periods without feeling fatigued. Its lightweight, ergonomic nylon composite housing resists shock, making it comfortable to hold for prolonged periods.

A sturdy metal shroud protects the flywheel of this impact wrench to prevent it from getting damaged when it crashes after tackling tough jobs. The wrench also features a convenient belt clip for easy portability.


  • Easy socket changes.
  • Remove fasteners quickly.
  • Lightweight.


  • It does provide you with variable speed options.

Final Verdict

This Craftsman 1/2-Inch 7.5 Amp Corded Impact Wrench (model CMEF901) delivers 450 ft.-lbs. Of max torque to help you get the most out of your projects. This corded impact wrench features a fully adjustable, cushioned grip handle for comfort and a rubber over-mold to ensure a secure grip.

It also has a low-emission, ergonomic design with an easily accessible reverse-switch button for convenient operation. This Craftsman Impact Wrench has a 10-foot power cord and comes with a battery and a charger for that added convenience. A limited 3-year warranty even backs it.

3. DEWALT DW 292 Corded Impact Wrench

Great Choice
DEWALT DW 292 Corded Impact Wrench


  • 1/2-Inch Cordless Impact Wrench
  • 1/2-Inch Detent Pin Anvil
  • AC/DC Forward/ Reverse Rocking Switch
  • 7 Pounds Weight

The DEWALT Corded Impact Wrench is a versatile tool that delivers the performance you expect from DEWALT. This impact wrench has a no-load speed of 2,700 rpm and a maximum torque of 3,450 lbs-ft.

The DEWALT DCF823S2 cordless 1/2-inch impact wrench delivers 345 ft-lbs of torque for maximum fastening you can count on. You can also use this wrench for a variety of applications, including assembly and maintenance, manufacturing, farming and more.

This versatile wrench features a 1/2-inch detent pin anvil that allows you to change out the bit faster and with more ease. It comes with a forward/reverse rocker switch, giving you the ability to choose the direction in which you would like the wrench to spin. A soft grip handle provides increased comfort when it comes to extended use.

This powerful tool has a built-in LED light to illuminate dark areas, and the detent pin anvil helps prevent over-tightening and stripping. The impact wrench weighs 7 pounds and includes a 360-degree side handle. The DEWALT corded impact wrench comes with a three-year limited warranty.


  • 1/2-inch detent pin anvil.
  • AC/DC forward/reverse rocking switch
  • Comfortable handling.


  • The trigger sometimes binds in reverse.

Final Verdict

This best Corded Impact Wrench with Detent Pin Anvil is a corded, battery-powered impact wrench with a forward/reverse rocker switch. It is designed to deliver 345 ft-lbs of torque in forward and reverse. It has a soft grip handle for increased comfort and a battery gauge. This impact wrench is designed to provide maximum performance day in and day out, featuring a forward/reverse rocker switch and a 1/2-inch detent pin anvil that impresses the need for power.

4. Hammerhead HDIW075 Impact Wrench

Best Overall
Hammerhead HDIW075 Impact Wrench


  • 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench
  • 1/2 Inch Anvil 
  • 1/2 Inch Square Drive With Friction Ring 
  • Easy Socket Changes

The Hammerhead 7.5-Amp 1/2 Inch Impact Wrench is ideal for removing rusted-on or over-tightened lug nuts and bolts. This 1/2-inch impact wrench has a forward and reverses switch that can switch with one finger, so you don’t have to break a sweat doing repetitive tasks.

The forward gives you maximum power to fasten, and the reverse loosens stubborn nuts and bolts instantly. It features a powerful 7.5 Amp motor that delivers 240 ft. lbs of maximum fastening torque that allows you to work faster and better.

It takes on 1/2-inch anvils, and the ½ inch square drive with friction ring that allows secure socket retention and easy socket changes. Its speed is at 2,200 and 2,700 IPM, which helps you fasten and loosen bolts and nuts of different sizes. 

This powerful 1/2-inch impact wrench is the perfect tool for anybody who regularly removes or replaces tires on vehicles. This is the type of tool that can help you work through a half-dozen cars in a single day without needing any rest. It’s compact, easy to operate, and doesn’t cause you any hassle. It gets the job done.


  • Rocker switch.
  • Metal Gearbox.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Durable. 


  • It is heavy.

Final Verdict

Feel proud of the jobs you do. Turn to Hammerhead and never look back. This powerful 7.5-amp 1/2-inch impact wrench is the perfect tool for anybody who regularly removes or replaces tires on vehicles. This is the type of tool that can help you work through a half-dozen cars in a single day without needing any rest. It’s compact, easy to operate, and doesn’t cause you any hassle. It gets the job done.

5. Milwaukee 9072-20 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench

Best Seller
Milwaukee 9072-20 Impact Wrench


  • 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench
  • Convenient Reverse Switch
  • 7.35 Pounds Weight
  • Limited Warranty

Milwaukee’s M18 Cordless 1/2″ Corded Impact Wrench delivers excellent torque and speed and is easy to use. This impact wrench is for DIY users and professionals who need a powerful corded impact wrench. It’s lightweight (4.1 lbs.) and compact, with a built-in LED light to illuminate the work surface.

The product is durable and should last a long time. This impact wrench is made with an aluminum housing, and an oil-free, maintenance-free brushless motor, and it’s designed to deliver a maximum of 300 ft.-lbs. Of torque. It’s a corded impact wrench with a 10-foot, 2-wire cord that’s easy to extend with a quick-release clamp.

The product is manufactured in China and comes with a limited warranty. This tool is an AC-only model that operates at 600-1800 RPM and 1000-2600 IPM. It’s a 1/2″ corded impact wrench with a paddle switch.

The high-torque setting delivers greater power for the fast-changing of large-sized lug nuts, and the low-torque setting lets you drive smaller nuts without jerking or straining your wrist and hand. This impact wrench with a great power-to-weight ratio is perfect for many jobs, from tightening lug nuts to loosening or tightening bolts and nuts.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Excellent power to weight ratio.
  • Multi-speed control.
  • High torque model.


  • Not comfortable for work in tight spaces.

Final Verdict

This powerful tool features a 7.0 Amp motor that delivers 300ft-lbs of torque and a variable speed reversing switch for added control in driving applications. This tool weighs only 6.0 lbs. and has a great power-to-weight ratio. The Milwaukee ½-inch Impact Wrench features a Quick-Lok cord, a pin-detent system to securely retain sockets or adapters, and a comfortable, cushioned grip. It is capable of drilling or driving lug bolts. This impact wrench is always ready to work and will make projects easier. Purchase yours today.

Best Corded Impact Wrench for Changing TiresBuying Guides

Changing a tire may seem very simple, but it can be quite difficult for someone who needs the right tools. To ensure that you buy the right tools for changing tires, here are a few points you should keep in mind.


Be sure the size you purchase is compatible with the tire size. Smaller tires need smaller wrenches, while larger tires need larger ones.


The material of the tool is also an important aspect to consider. Different materials have different strengths. For example, steel wrenches are strong enough for many tasks, whereas plastic wrenches are best used for lightweight work.


The warranty of the product is also an important consideration. If the product is brand new, then the warranty is limited. So, it would help if you considered buying one with a longer warranty to ensure you do not have to pay extra to repair the tools.


Price is also another important factor to consider. It would be best if you did not buy an expensive tool as it is quite useless to you when you are not using it.


Always make sure that you buy a tool that has safety features. They ensure that the power is directed to the specific location where it is needed. It would help if you bought a tool with a trigger release feature to ensure it is not accidentally activated.


Power is one of the essential features of a tire-changing tool. This feature is necessary when you are going to change the tires when the vehicle is moving. So, if your vehicle is moving, you should always go for a power wrench. If you do not have a power tool, you can also opt for a cordless model. But you should ensure the tool is powerful enough to work with the tire.


When it comes to the tool’s speed, the most important thing is to know whether or not you need the tool to have a low or high speed. Generally, the low speed helps you to have more control over the procedure, while the high speed makes it easier to change tires on bumpy surfaces.

Best Corded Impact Wrench for Changing Tires Final Thoughts

The impact wrench is an essential tool for anyone who performs automotive repairs. These tools are designed to make a fast and smooth change between the tire and the rim. There are many different types of impact wrenches but the best one for changing a tire is corded.

The Corded wrenches are the most efficient because the speed at which they turn increases when the handle is pulled instead of pushed. In our view and research best corded impact wrench for changing a tire is the DEWALT Corded Impact Wrench.

This impact wrench has wide range of uses and are easy to use, making them a must-have for any mechanic. I hope our power tools selection helps you make your automotive project easy and fast.

Do you know any interesting things about impact wrenches? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Impact Wrench Do I Need To Change The Tires?

Impact wrenches come in different sizes, depending on the tire size and type. However, a 1/2 impact wrench is the best tool f impact wrench should be adequate to change most tires.

How Strong Of An Impact Wrench Do I Need To Remove Lug Nuts?

The strength of an impact wrench depends on the model and the brand you’re using. Generally, you can use a 100 ft-lbs of torque wrench to remove the lug nuts.

How Much Torque Is Enough For An Impact Wrench?

The torque required for an impact wrench depends on your specific application. But generally speaking, you should aim to apply 1500–1800 in-lbs of torque for most applications. You might need to apply more torque for more precise work.

Will a 12v Impact Wrench Remove Lug Nuts?

A 12v impact wrench can remove lug nuts and bolts. However, if the lug nuts or bolts are frozen, this could pose a risk to your vehicle’s wheel, so you should use a lug nut extractor instead. When using a lug nut extractor, you should always be at most 15 pounds of force when tightening the lug nuts.

What Is Considered A Good Impact Wrench?

A good impact wrench is designed to withstand the impact loads and absorb the shock and vibration. It would help if you got a good impact wrench with a strong motor to handle heavy-duty jobs.

What PSI Does An Impact Wrench Need?

An impact wrench has two major components – the motor and the impact mechanism. The motor needs at least 120-150 PSI, while the impact mechanism requires only 20-30 PSI. This is why most impact wrenches have a motor rated 150-160 PSI.

Is It Worth Getting An Impact Wrench?

Yes, you should get an impact wrench if you are a mechanic who works on cars and other vehicles. Impact wrenches are useful for tightening the bolts or nuts on your car’s engine, making repairs easier. They can also use to tighten the bolts on other parts of a vehicle, such as the wheel rims.

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